This is the primer phase of an ice hockey goalie hanging to dry. 

This is a figure being reconstructed and ready for decals. 



My name is Glenn D'Avanzo. I am a high school wellness teacher and have played and coached baseball and many other sports over the past 33 years.  I graduated from Springfield College and acquired my masters at FSU.  I spend much of my time attending my son's youth sports. 

  The hobby of customizing sports figures allows me to express my artistic passion coupled with the love of sports. It is done by acquiring a stock Mcfarlane or Import Dragons figure. I then dismantle all the body parts and head. Next, I sand the figure and if needed I will cut any limbs that I need to reconfigure by drilling holes and feeding wire into the positions desired.   Next, is sculpting with clay and using glue to mold.  The next phase is to paint with a layer of primer. When it dries then a wet sand process gets it ready for the 1st of many layers of paint. After that, it is reassembled and a clear coat is put on to get ready for the decal process.  Once all the decals are finished, the last bit of touch up paint before the final coat of clear and or gloss before the photos of the final product are taken. 

A D'Avanzo Custom Sports Figure makes a great gift for a loved one, yourself, or a team.  Capture a favorite sports memory for a lifetime with "The best Trophy Ever!".


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