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1. Please click the link to my pricing page:

WI will include the password in my email response. The page is designed with the intention to save you time. But if it is overwhelming and you are new to the customizing art, then we can use it as a reference when we talk on the phone. 

2. The best way to begin is to send me as many photos of what you want to achieve. Include your phone number and some time options for me to call you to discuss the details. Or you can call me at (508) 523-4364.  Please  leave a message after my sports audio greeting. 

3. Fill out and include the details in a completed order form in a list format. See below for your sport. Use any form for alternative sport/ figure.

4. Plan to discuss details on the phone and I will provide all the options you have to choose from.  

5. I presume you have already investigated other customizers. If not, I encourage you to do so. I do not mind being a part of that investigative process. There are several excellent customizers and we generally all know each-other at some capacity. This is your personal artwork and you need to find the best artist for you. 

I look forward to the opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE: Projects involving alteration of body part of stock figures to capture a specific pose or extreme face alteration and specialty sport can take longer depending on the season. 

Multiple players can also be created. Example; Two or more figures DIORAMA.

Figures take 4-8 weeks depending on the season